Straight Stairlifts

What you need to know about straight stair lifts

Does it cost more for a full flight of stairs than for just a half flight?

Our straight stair lifts are sold including a standard length of rail that accommodates most full length staircases. If your staircase is longer than the average it may cost a little more, shorter tracks are pretty much the same as a full length.

I have a flight of stairs with a landing, then another set of stairs. Can I install 2 straight lifts?

This is a definite possibility depending on the size of the landing.  We recommend this is some cases depending on the mobility of the user and the size of the landing to make sure that it is safe to be done.  If it can’t be done a Custom Stairlift would be the right choice for you.

I live in an old house with narrow stairs—can I install a stair lift?

If your stairs are 30″ wide, you should be okay, but you need to allow room for your knees when seated. We can come out and measure for you to see if a stairlift would work, or whether a different option is better for you.

I am in wheelchair—can I use a straight stair lift?

In many cases, a stair lift is not the right choice if you are a wheelchair user, and you may have to consider a wheelchair lift. But if you can transfer to and from the stair lift easily, you may be able to use it. If you use a wheelchair, your healthcare professional (such as an occupational therapist) can provide you with the best answer about your ability to use a stair lift.

What does “continuous charge” on a stair lift mean?

Today’s stair lifts are usually battery powered with a built-in charger. The charging system may be located at the top and the bottom of the rail (where you park your unit when not in use), or the charging system may run the full length of the rail through a buss line. The advantage of a continuous charge system is that no matter where you stop the chair, it will be charging. This is handy if you have not stopped the stair lift all the way at the bottom or top when you get off the chair.

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Bruno Elan StairliftBruno Elite StairliftHandicare 950 StairliftHandicare Xclusive
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