Outdoor Stairlifts

Stairlift selection is a daunting process. Unfortunately there is so much misinformation posted on the internet. as the popularity of stairlifts as a mobility and access device increases.

Selection of an Outdoor stairlift is now even harder as there are some awful, low specification products available which are superbly marketed to be attractive to the unwary buyer.

So what should you look for in an outdoor stairlift? Well there are five main areas that need careful consideration.

  1. The guide rail or track
  2. The drive unit or carriage design features
  3. The seat assembly and cover
  4. The remote control
  5. The expertise of the installer and after sales support
Outdoor Bruno EliteBruno Outdoor Elite CustomHandicare Outdoor 1000 Stairlift
Bruno Elite StairliftBruno Elite Custom StairliftHandicare Outdoor 1000
Bruno Elite Outdoor Stairlift is a great choice if you need an outdoor liftBruno Elite Outdoor Custom Stairlft allows you to use an outdoor stairlift no matter how many turns your staircase hasHandicare outdoor 1000 is a great choice for an outdoor stairlift